[Solved] Invalid bin file error


I’m trying to upload a simple program, the output after building and flashing/uploading via the cloud is:

Scanning dependencies of target main.hex
[100%] Built target main.hex

Build successful. (download HEX ELF) 
Programming: error: (invalid bin file)

Rebooting works for one time, but when I try to upload something for the second time I get the invalid bin file error again.

What’s the problem and how do I prevent this error from happening?

Hi, could you program your CORE2 using Web IDE once more? Just checked and everything works fine with example projects.

Hi Dominik,

We still have the invalid bin file problem. After rebooting the CORE2-ROS it works again for a couple of times and then the problem comes back.

I’m still experiencing this issue from time to time, it gets really annoying having to turn the device of and on again a lot.

Hi Mike,

We still work on fix this issue, as temporary solution you can follow this steps:

  • Run /opt/husarion/tools/amd64-linux/core2-flasher --erase-eeprom on Raspberry Pi.
  • Restart CORE2 and reconnect.

Let me know if this solution is OK by now.

Best regards,

Hi Hubert,

I forgot to tell you earlier but the temporary solution works.