[Solved] No docker compose files in rosbot-docker repo

This commit deletes most of the docker compose files inthe demo subdirectory, which are quite useful, IMHO. I suggest they be restored.

Hi hetzerrr,

You can find all the docker compose files here.

It was split to smaller part just to make it more useful :slight_smile:

In case you have any issues related to these changes, please let me know :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hi Hubert,

I have found I spend more time trying to find working/latest releases of material for rosbot than I do using the robot. Your github site has 125 repositories. Creating more repos makes it more difficult to find anything, in my opinion. Further, the compose files were deleted and no comments left to indicate where they had gone.

If you think large numbers of small repos is a good idea, I suggest you look at how moveit2 and nav2 are organized in github. (GitHub - ros-planning/moveit2: MoveIt for ROS 2, GitHub - ros-planning/navigation2: ROS2 Navigation Framework and System). Those devs also include repos files in the main repo such that a single repo can be used to acquire the entire product.

I have been a software developer for decades and generally am quite frustrated trying to build a cohesive set of required components for rosbot.

A user of your products should be able to get everything; source code, examples, docker builds, tutorials, etc, via a single git clone for a specific product, IMHO.