[Solved] Panther Connection to Hidden Network

Our lab wifi network is hidden. Does anything need to be added to the config.json file to connect? This is the relevant content from the Panther manual…


Hello @Steve_Willoughby

I propose two proven solutions:

  1. (preferred) Log in to RUTX and follow the instruction. A hidden network without SSID will appear in the list of scanned networks.

You need to complete the ESSID with the network name (SSID) and change the Network name from wwan to e.g. wwan1

  1. If you have access to an access point, you can follow our instructions and disable SSID hiding for a while. Once Panther connects, it will later connect to the hidden WiFi.

Best regards
Jan Brzyk & Krzysztof Łukawski

Hi @JanBrzyk,

Unfortunately, about an hour before I received your reply on Friday, I had started down this path with unfortunate results. I logged into the router and began exploring options. Inadvertently, I turned off the router’s wifi, so I pushed its reset button, and now it appears to back to the router’s factory defaults! The two Panther hotspots (Panther_xxxx and Panther_5G_xxxx) have been replaced with two RUTX-named hotspots.

I hope there is an easy way to resurrect or recreate the Panther-specific settings!


Hi @Steve_Willoughby

Yes its possible. Let’s schedule a meeting and I will guide you. We’re available in your working hours. Before it, please prepare laptop with Ethernet port, Ethernet cable and remove Cover from Panther as in manual.

Let us know when you would be temporarily available by e-mail (we sent you a private message)

Best regards
Jan Brzyk & Krzysztof Łukawski