[Solved] Panther issue rear bumper light not working


We are encountering an issue with the rear bumper light. Upon turning the Panther on it stays white with some colour strips rather than the default E_STOP animation. I’ve attached an image below, this is after the Panther is turned on and E-STOP is engaged.

The front lights are working as expected and the ROS topic for both lights seems to be emitting the correct values. Additionally, when I manually change the animation it is reflected on the front light but not the rear light.

Any help on how to fix the rear lights would be greatly appreciated.


It seems to be a hardware problem. Please tell me if this condition appears immediately after startup, or if the loading animation appears. If the white light comes on immediately after turning it on, it may be a hardware issue. In such a case, it would probably be useful to first move the LED cable to see if it is making contact, and if something has been unscrewed recently, you can also look for the cause there.

Rafał Górecki

Hi @RafalGorecki,

Yes the condition appears immediately after startup, no loading animation appears.

We ran through your suggestions without any luck. Additionally, we multiple readings with a multimeter of the connection of the LED strip to the board and they showed no issues. Are there any other suggestions for a fix or is replacement of one of the components required?

I have also attached a picture of the board below, if it is helpful. Let me know if there is any more information I can provide.

Thanks in advance for your help

Private message has been sent, further analysis will be carried out via email support@husarion.com

This case required servicing.