[Solved] Problem with Rviz and Robot description launch files


I’ve launched the roslaunch rosbot_description rosbot_rviz_gmapping.launch file. The problem is that i dont see data in Rviz from the laser or map. Gazebo is running fine and also the topics are giving data.

The only strange thing i could find is values of data. This is a screenshot of the laser topic:

I did install all ROSdep files and just launched the file. I even tried other fixed frames like base_link.

Extra note: the topics are working fine in Rviz but the data is not visible. There is no visible map in Rviz or shown laserscan points. (i also made size of red points bigger)
Looking forward for an answer for this problem.

Hello R_M,

It looks like your graphic card does not support laser scanner rendering in Gazebo. You can switch scanner model to render on CPU as described in rosbot_description readme.


Thanks! yes thats it!