[Solved] Programming ROSbot 2R running ROS2 Tutorialas

I have a similar question as in this post, but with ROS2/Humble. It seems the updated tutorials referenced by @JanBrzyk are for ROS, not ROS2.

I have a workspace created on our ROSbot 2R (Humble image) and can build and run c++ and python nodes, but the RPi is a pretty bad dev environment. I would like to write nodes and test the 2R remotely from a laptop running ROS2 Humble. It seems the tutorial for Running ROS on Multiple Machines would be what I need, but targeting ROS2. Currently, I can’t list, subscribe to, or publish remotely and have the 2R respond despite much-appreciated help here from @ralphstirling.

We also have an iRobot Create3 running Humble, and everything is visible/accessible remotely, the only dev/test requirement being to install the Create3-specific messages on the laptop.

Any information on how to setup a ROS2 multi-computer environment (without using the vpn) and when an update on ROS2 tutorials will occur would be much appreciated!


Hello @Steve_Willoughby

As you write, there are no extensive ROS 2 tutorials on our website yet, but they are being developed and tested. Within two weeks, the first articles should be published and then I will let you know in this thread about these news. I think then your doubts will be solved, so if you are satisfied with this solution, I will greatly appreciate a little patience :smiley:

Sounds great, @JanBrzyk! The ROS tutorials are really good, so I’m looking forward to the ROS2 versions.



The last update of ROS Tutorials is thanks to @RafalGorecki :smiley:

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Any news about the (eagerly awaited) ROS2 tutorials?

Hello @jnaor and welcome to the Husarion Community!

ROS 2 Tutorials are still in development. We see a need from the community, so we try to do it qualitatively. I’ll let you know in this thread if there’s an update! The news about the publication of ROS 2 Tutorials will also appear on our Social Media.

Thank you for your patience

Best regards
Jan Brzyk

Hello @Steve_Willoughby and @jnaor

I am happy to announce that we have published the first series of ROS 2 Tutorials (credit: @RafalGorecki ). Of course, there will be more in the near future, but I encourage you to enjoy it now :slight_smile:
If there are any problems with them, I encourage you to create a new topic on the Husarion Community

Best regards
Jan Brzyk

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