[Solved] ROS2 vs ROS

Since I’m just getting back into this, I am wondering if I should keep working with ROS or move to ROS2. Based on what I read ROS2 is going to become the new.

I am a DIY’er and in the educational process, since I’m looking to get more involved just want advice. I caught back up with ROS pretty good but looking to know what’s best for upgrades in the future.

Hi Daniel,

It’s a very interesting question. Let’s start from difference between ROS and ROS2:

Your question is related to our products, so I would say that it better start with ROS, because of multiple tutorial and a lot of materials in internet. ROS2 is a future, but it can be little a bit tricky, for a start. I hope it will help you make a good choice :slight_smile:

Best regards,