[Solved] ROSbot 2R ROS2 Gazebo simulation

I’m having so many problems getting the ROSbot2R hardware working with ROS2 I was wondering if there is a ROSbot2R gazebo simulation that runs under ROS2? My SBC and firmware is running humble so my host PC is running humble and I can’t use the ROS1 gazebo simulation or can I? There doesn’t seem to be a docker container for simulation of ROSbot2R. Only Panther. Would that be useable by remapping topics? Still trying to come up with hardware to run my simulated working code on a real robot. I thought that was the ROSbot2R when I purchased it fully assembled. I wasn’t aware it was not ROS2 ready yet. I can wait if I could simulate.


LOL!! Dig around this site long enough and you might just find what you are looking for. With no objective in mind, I just began visiting all the pages and scrolling to view EVERYTHING and after clicking around I found something on the Software/Docker Images page.
An actual example of a docker compose file that pulls down and runs a rosbot2 simulation in ROS1 and bridges to ROS2. Works for me. There are more worlds to load as an exercise for the user to find. HeHe.

My bump and go code mentioned in another post about laser readings works just fine in the rosbot maze world. Now if I can only get my ROSbot2R sllidar to give me reliable readings I can test the real robot in a real random environment to test my code logic.

One more step on my journey.


Hello @Joe_Worthit,

as you say: one more step on your journey!
I’m glad you were able to fix the problem by yourself.

Best regards!
Jan Brzyk