[Solved] ROSBot Pro 2.0 failed to boot & no HDMI / BIOS output


I have an issue with a ROSBot pro that we purchased a couple years ago. The robot is no longer booting. Specifically:

  • When powered, the power light (red) and LR2 light (yellow) on.
  • No HDMI output is received
  • Which means there appears to be no bios/upboard screen

The robot batteries did get completely drained, however, on recharge they are holding sufficient voltage.

From this thread it appears it could be an issued with the UpBoard, which in those cases needed private help.

Are you able to assist?

Thank you.


Please send us an email on support@husarion.com, and we will continue the procedure there. Your problem might be caused by many things. Hence, we will handle your problem individually, or we will service your robot.

Best regards,
Krzysztof Wojciechowski.

I will do so thank you.