[Solved] Rosbot repositories


is there an overview which repository belongs to which Rosbot version?
I am espacially interested in the ROS2 branches together with the different firmwares.



Hello MichaelT,

ROSbot 2R is our platform developed specifically towards ROS2. See our manuals and tutorials for details.
Can you specify your question?

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Hi Jan,

in your GitHub repositories there a some repos which has a “panther” in their name so I think they are for the Pather robot. But there are some which “rosbot” and some with “rosbot_xl” for which it is not so clear (at least to me). E.g. There is a “rosbot_hardware_interfaces” which is from the description for Rosbot and Rosbot XL.
So the question is which repos can be used together for which Robot?
My background is, I have my own robot build on the Core2ROS (from the Crowd Supply) and use your repos (at the moment to switch from ROS1 Noetic to ROS2 Humble).


Hi MichaelT,

ROSbot 2 / 2R / 2 PRO it’s a family of robots which using exactly the same controller (CORE2) as in your robot with CORE2ROS. Most of the repositories with ROSbot XL or Panther tags will not work with your robot, at least without significant changes.

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Hi Hubert,

thanks for explaining this.
I assume the same applies to the Docker repos?


Yes, exactly :slight_smile:

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