[Solved] ROSBOT RPi4 external Wifi Adapter


Do you know if the external Wifi adapters you are using for internal testing support AP roaming ? I have a DLink DWA_181 and it is not roaming across APs. I know my internal network supports roaming as other devices are roaming correctly.

Hi hetzerrr,

we are using WiFi adapter with Realtek 8811CU chipset. It does connect to 802.11r enabled network, but we have not verified if it is fully supported in kernel driver yet.

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Hi Hubert,

I am going to try an ALFA AWUS036ACM, as it is not using the Realtek chipset, and apparently has drivers built in to the Ubuntu 20 kernel. Will report back when tested.

Hi Hubert,

I managed to get the Realtek network driver rebuilt with AP roaming support functional. It was disabled in the default build configuration for some reason.

Still planning to test the ALFA AWUS036ACM

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Ubuntu 20 driver does include drivers
Adapter comes up properly on boot
AP roaming functioning correctly

Much better performance than Realtek chipset

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