[Solved] Rplidar_ros is not working

Hello all,

I just got a Rosbot 2.0 Pro from Husarion and I am trying to get the lidar working. I am following the tutorials posterd on their website (SLAM navigation | Husarion), where it says to test the lidar by running this line of code:

rosrun rplidar_ros rplidarNode

For some reason this does not work. This is the error I get after a couple of seconds:

[ERROR] [1655220295.708549735]: Error, operation time out. RESULT_OPERATION_TIMEOUT!

have looked through the ros/husarion forms, as well as other parts of the internet, and I have not found any solutions, so I’d greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me out. I am currently running on noetic version 1.15.14

Hi Musicboy,
Did you try to set serial_baudrate param? It’s 256000 for RPlidar a3 and 115200 for RPlidar a2.

If you have a3 model try to run this:

rosrun rplidar_ros rplidarNode _serial_baudrate:=256000

If this does not solve the problem, try specifying other parameters. You can follow this launch file.

Please, let me know about it. If you have any questions/troubles, do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,


Thanks for your reply, that fixed the issue I had and now the lidar runs!