[Solved] TF_REPEATED_DATA occurs when connecting the ROSbot to a custom website

When running the ROSbot slam algorithm along side the simulation on the host computer on Ubuntu 20.04 using ROS Noetic, the program functions as expected with the map being created on RVIZ.

However, when I try to perform mapping on a local website using rosbridge to allow communication between the website and the ROSbot, and ros2d to allow the visualization of the map on the website, I constantly receive the " TF_REPEATED_DATA ignoring data with redundant timestamp for frame base_link at time…" message, which slows down the whole operation and the map is not generated on the website.

Is there a possible solution?

Hi @Carsten_Karl_Grecg,

Based on the information you provided, it is very difficult to determine what may be causing this problem. That warning appears that some messages are redundant (the same information is received with the same timestamp and frame IDs).

I would start the search with:

  1. Ensure that each TF message has a unique timestamp. Duplicate timestamps can cause the TF tree to receive repeated data.

  2. Check ROSbridge Configuration: Verify your ROSbridge configuration to ensure that it’s properly handling TF data and not introducing redundancies.

Hi @RafalGorecki,

Thank you for the reply. I found the error problem.

The problem was that I forgot to include the gmapping configuration in the launch file. By adding the configuration, the map was generated well on the website, without lag.

Thank you

I’m happy to hear that! I’m closing this issue.