[Solved] Topic/Node Graph for ROSBot


can I find somewhere an image of the nodes/topics of ROSBot for hardware and simulation mode?

I am a little bit confused with the connections of the nodes via topics.



Unfortunately at this point we do not have a graphic created presenting the relationships between all nodes. For now, you can get information about the interconnection of nodes by using rqt_graph (command to install: sudo apt install ros-$ROS_DISTRO-rqt-graph ).
For more data on individual nodes you can see ROS API

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Thanks for your answer.
Unfortunately I have no running system at the Moment.
What I am trying to do is studying the sources in git for a better understanding of the system and the differences with real hardware and simulation. For that an image of the nodes and topics would bei helpful.


It may not be the prettiest photo, but it’s the only one I can send you at the moment. There are a few things missing from this diagram, e.g. the fact that the battery data comes from the microcontroller,
or that robot_base _controller is listening to topic /cmd_vel. However, I hope that it will help you at least a little in your work.

I also regret that I cannot give you anything better at this moment. We will soon refactor the code and then we will create a decent schema, but this may take a long time.

Thanks a lot.
This is helpful.


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