Some question regarding amcl

By using amcl do i have to use the exact same place as initial point?
or is there a way to make it dynamic and let it detect which location it is in.
i notice the initial position can be set on the yaml file itself (is that the correct place to set)

Hi angtzewern,

The yaml file is good place to set the initial point.
The robot starting point should be as close to as possible to the defined initial point. Amcl performance depends on the accuracy of this setup.

To dynamically set new initial point you could use initialpose topic with message geometry_msgs/PoseWithCovarianceStamped. When message is published on this topic, amcl restarts localization from this point.


Is there a guideline or guide for dynamic initial point to writing the publish to the initial point to the husarion?
Does this publish once on start up or will keep on publishing?

Initial point needs to be set only once on startup.
The only guideline is that it should determine robot position on the map.
For publishing the topic you could follow tutorial #2.