Standard IMU topic not publishing


we are using the ROSbot pro and would like to get the IMU data provided by the IMU topic. Sadly, we can only access the MPU9250 data, which is not in the standard IMU msg type provided by ROS, so that we cannot use it in our python script like we would like. The /imu topic is not publishing and we do not get any data by it. What could be the problem here?
Firstly we launched roscore and after this roslaunch rosbot_ekf all.launch rosbot_pro:=true and after running rostopic echo imu we do not get anything.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi luftluft,

First, make sure that IMU is enabled:

rosservice call /config "command: 'EIMU'
data: '1'"

The other reason for this problem might be incompatible versions of firmware and rosbot_ekf. In new firmware versions there should be only one topic /imu with standard message type of sensor_msgs/Imu published directly by serial_node. In older firmware versions there was 2 imu topics: /mpu9250 with custom message type and /imu with standard sensor_msgs/Imu. Conversion between this two was done by msgs_conversion node from rosbot_ekf package. Flashing new firmware should solve the problem.