Teleop - moving keys not work


I am following this URL

rosbot_description/ at master · husarion/rosbot_description · GitHub.

Using Remmina, i use the Terminal 1 code, Gazeobo and Rviz window pop and display the lidar data using code on Terminal 1.

AFter i launch the code on Remmina / terminal 2 with roslaunch rosbot_navigation rosbot_teleop.launch, the robot does not move. Also, t, b, q, w, e, z, x, e display values. BUt for moving around keys(u, i, o, j, k, l, m, , .), nothing is displayed, and robot does not move.

Although, I do see the robot moving in Gazebo and RViz.


Hi vgupta68,

Link that you mention contain pkg for URDF model of ROSbot, mainly for people who want to try ROSbot in simulation environment gazebo.

I don’t know what you tried to do, so can you please send me description of what you wanted to do (I do not know why you use ROSbot in combination with Gazebo), and then we will check what went wrong.

Best regards,


This has led to questions.

So, i used Remmina Desktop client and connected to ROSBot.

Used Terminal 1 (opens Rviz and Gazebo) and 2 Code.

Used the telecop keys to move the ROSBot and it not move eventhough the output said the robot is moving.

So, I just ran the following using my laptop terminal:

  1. Termainal 1: opens gazebo and rviz.

  2. Terminal 2: roslaunch rosbot_navigation rosbot_teleop.launch, and i am able to move around with teleop.

Can we do this?

Goal: Collect LIDAR data, visualize in Rviz and / or Gazebo as it is collected, and save LIDAR data. Visualized collected data later for may be object recognition.

Steps: .

I would like to do this from the native client (ubutu w/ ROS and husarion packages)

  1. Using browser, move the ROSbot using webui.

  2. As we collect, visualize in Rviz or Gazebo. So, that means rosbot has to publish LIDAR, and visualize in Rviz or Gazebo on my laptop.

  3. After we are done collecting, save the data on laptop and / or ROSBOT. Can we save on both? memory challenges.

  4. later, Can we visualize on Gazebo and / or Rviz?

Would you recommend a good website to learn more about rviz and gazebo?


Hi Vineet,

ROS is a very comprehensive tool so you can do a lot of things using it. Use case that you want to create is one of them.

We can’t create this for you but you can do it by yourself.

All these point that you mention are included in our ROS tutorials separately. You should also check the difference between gazebo and rviz. A lot of education material is available on Youtube on channel The Construct. I hope these materials will help you.

Best regards,

Thanks Hubert for your assistance.