Teleoperation of Rosbot

After making changes in in the Rosbot_description package and changing ny buad rate to 230400 and launching .

The robot is not moving either in gazebo simulation or real world.

rostopic list query shows /cmd_vel topic.
So I published a geometry/Twist message using rostopic pub but still the robot does not move.

Any suggestions will be helpful

Hi Pradeep_BV,

Which version of ROSbot do you use, ROSbot 2.0 or ROSbot 2.0 PRO?

If you change baud rate in Serial_bridge you should also change baud rate in CORE2 code.

Can you send me an output of rostopic list and tab where you starting It would be very helpful.

Best regards,

I was able to resolve the issue , the primary error I was looking at the worng code to change. I assumed that changing baud rate in in rosbot_description package will change the baud rate for rosbot 2.0 pro.

I followed tutorial no - 3 from the rosbot tutorials and the rosbot started moving. The baud rate needs to be changed in the microcobtroller to establish connection between ros running on the upboard and microcontroller running the motors.

I have question what microcontroller was used and how did you get microcontroller and ros to work together. Is there any offline software to write and compile these programs directly on upboard. or do it in a offline computer/desktop and burn it to rosbot using a cable ?

Hi Pradeep_BV,

It’s quite simple, we use CORE2-ROS with Asus Tinker Board in ROSbot 2.0 and CORE2-ROS with UpBoard in ROSbot 2.0 PRO. You can check this controller here. As you can see micro controller used in this set is CORE2.

You can flash program for CORE2 using Husarion cloud (you don’t need any cables) or you can use our offline development tools and you will need USB cable for that. If you install VSC on UpBoard you will have to connect USB A with USB B from back panel of ROSbot to be able flash your device.

Communication between CORE2 and ROS is possible thanks to rosserial_python pkg.

In case of any further question don’t hesitate to ask.

Best regards,

Hi Hubert,

I am facing a issue running teleoperation commands when device goes offline the, the serial Buad rate error is coming back.

The error is happening when the device is going offline and I am unable to bring it back online, have to unlink the device and re-register it everytime to get it working

How to avoid this ?

Hi Pradeep_BV,

The issue you occur seems to be caused by network connection. Can you try use other Wi-Fi and check if the problem still occurs? You can also plug in HDMI to your ROSbot and reconnect to your Wi-Fi.

Please let me know the results.

Best regards,