To have core2ros automatically connect on different networks

Hi HusrarionTeam,

At various locations I like to show my robot using the WEBUI interface, but I do not know how.
At this moment I am using the bluetooth serial to command my robot.

I know using the hConfig-button during poweron + the app, that it is possible to connect to different network. However my hConfig-button is defective somehow and I am avoiding to solder for now.

It would be nice if I could prepare my core2ros-robot at home,
so that at power it can automatically connect to the specified network.

The target networks are: (ssid / password)
HCCrobotica / hccDec18
DeDissel / open network

Is there a way to do so?
Can pls show me for those 2 networks?

when ssh is available I can change the network connection by typing:
nmcli d wifi connect HCCrobotica password hccDec18

Best regards,

Hello Fred,

You can set up network connection with:

nmcli c add type wifi save yes autoconnect yes con-name <ConnName> ifname wlan0 ssid <NetworkSSID>
nmcli c modify <ConnName> wifi-sec.key-mgmt wpa-psk wifi-sec.psk <Password>

You will need to substitute <ConnName>, <NetworkSSID> and <Password> with your values.
Values <NetworkSSID> and <Password> are network parameters. <ConnName> is internal system identifier, this could be name like HomeNewtork or the same as SSID.


Hello Lukasz,

Thank you very much for the help.
This way I will be able to show the cloud-programming and WEBUI-interface on other networks.

Hi Łukasz

I have to add this two lines for every additional network, correct?


Hi Michael,

Yes, your guess is correct.