Troubleshooting / First Time Setup

I just completed the creation of the hardware of my ralph however I am now stuck with the software configuration

as you can see i am using it with the Edison. I was successful in adding the robot to the list of devices with the code however this is as far I can get.

I am unable to directly ssh into the device at port 20022
i have attempted to switch USB modes, currently it is USB accessory mode

any troubleshooting help would be greatly appreciated


I have few questions:

  1. Does robot appear as online in the robot list?
  2. Did you try to flash your robot with new software using WebIDE - it looks like it is configured to use Android, not Edison.
  3. What do you want to accomplish by ssh’ing to Intel Edison? It is not needed to reflash software on RoboCORE.
  4. USB accessory mode cannot be use with Intel Edison, you need to select one way. You shouldn’t connect Android phone to UC port while Intel Edison is plugged in (only to UE port for configuration).