Type of motor used in Ralph?

Hi! I have a RoboCore V1 board and want to try to build a Ralph. What is the spec of the motors used? A direct link to where to buy would be great!

Best Regards / Jimmy Alenius

Hi Jimmy,

Pololu - 34:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx64L mm LP 6V with 48 CPR Encoder (No End Cap) - these motors will be good if you would like to build your own version of Ralph. You will also need this IMU: MPU9250.

If you prefer to use assembled Ralph, you can still buy this at https://store.husarion.com/us/home/9-ralph-kit.html . This is a new generation of Ralph, based on CORE2 robot controller - successor of RoboCORE. Instructions how to assemble this you will find here: - YouTube .

Have a great day!