Ubuntu Laptop

Is it possible to program the Core2 unit with a Ubuntu laptop? This is what I have always used to program robots up to this point and it always seemed to work well. I really don’t care to try to program using my smartphone. Typing on the smartphone is much harder than on the laptop.

Hello Rodolfo,

You can use a Ubuntu laptop to program Core2. There are two ways to do this:
First is with use of our web IDE, you can fin manual here.
Second option is to program offline with use of VSCode and our plugin, yu can find manual here.

Łukasz Mitka

However, Step 1.2 says, “Before you perform the next steps, install the hConfig mobile application on your smartphone or tablet:”

Should “laptop” also be included in this list?

The hConfig mobile application is used only to connect your Core2 to cloud. With this application you only need to specify password for WiFi and scan QR code. Once you have Core2 connected to cloud, you can program it with laptop.


OK. That sounds reasonable. Thanks!

The hConfig program on my Android phone goes through an endless loop. After I scan the QR code, it says to turn off the Core2 unit, so I do, and then, of course, the phone disconnects from the Husarion network. When I turn back on the Core2, it doesn’t seem to find my home network and so can’t connect to your servers. The hConfig app on my phone goes back to step 2 and wants me to reconfigure the Core2 board again. How do I get out of this endless loop? Your web site says my board is registered but it won’t find it online, so can’t connect. Did I do something wrong?

The hConfig app is for designed configuring or reconfiguring your device, it shows reconfiguration screen every time it connects to Core2, regardless if Core2 is registered with cloud or not.

Device list on the website is getting new device only when board is connected to the internet. If you can see your device on the list, it means that you configured everything properly.
It might take some time, especially during first boot until device will get status online.


OK. The web interface says, “Connected to Server.” But “Loading…” and “Connecting to device…” make the timer go round and round. It has been five minutes now. How long does it take? The blue and green lights flash on the Core2 and the red light is solid on.

This means that you are trying to open device web interface, not the web IDE.
To open the web IDE, use the ‘+’ button on the right od your device name, then choose IDE.
Further steps are described in the
tutorial, follow it from point 1.3.


I did hConfig again. Now blue light is solid and I am waiting as before, for device to connect and for Loading.

The plus on the right was not available. But this time, it did say Core2 was online.

Perhaps the problem is “Ublock Origin” that I run in my Firefox browser. This is in my Windows 10 desktop computer, and not the Ubuntu computer that I plan to use to do the programming. Excuse me for not stating that earlier. “Ublock” did say it has blocked one item on your web page.

Ah, we finally got it. Now web IDE is up. The plus never did appear. It said instead, “Edit.” But above was the IDE name in faint print. I clicked on that.

And the tiny LEDs are blinking, responding to key press and mouse click! Great!