VNC connection to Windows being refused

After following the tutorial at this link. I could not run vnc on the rosbot. the error I get is that the
remote machine actively refused connection.

can anyone tell me how to fix this error?

Hello Pradeep_BV,

ROSbots comes with preinstalled xRDP for hosting remote desktop connections.
It could be connected from Windows and Linux.
There is no need to install anything.

Why do you want to use VNC instead of RDP? Does RDP have any limitations for your use case?


Hi Lukasz,

I did not know about xRDP, I searched for VNC installation in the community and I got a step by step tutorial on how to do it.

After your suggestion

I installed XRDP using this tutorial.

I was able to start XRDP once and do remote operation using windows remote desktop application.but when restarted the system and added command “sudo service xrdp restart” to startup on rosbot. I was not able to get remote desktop connection. the system just won’t start.

Thank you

Hello Pradeep_BV

ROSbot had already installed xRDP, by following tutorial you mentioned, xfce configuration got altered.
Are you able to boot ROSbot with HDMI display and keyboard configuration?


Adding XDRP restart to startup was the mistake, now the system works fine.

Will XRDP work from from Ubuntu Desktop to control ROSbot ?

Yes it will.

You can use Remmina Remote Desktop Client.