VNC instead of xrdp

Because xrdp need about 30% of my CPU performance I want to try vnc. But when I start the server with

vncserver :0

I get the message

Warning: core2-ros:0 is taken because of /tmp/.X0-lock 
Remove this file if there is no X server core2-ros:0 
A VNC server is already running as :0

Installation of RealVNC fails becaues the package is not found.
What can I do?


Hi Michael,

Please try to follow instructions from this manual. After that everything should works fine :wink: Let me know about the results.


Hi Hubert
I already installed a VNC server on my RaspberryPi part of CORE2-ROS, but I read a few sources which stated that most VNC servers start a new X11 session, which makes it impossible to see the current desktop. RealVNC seems to be able to handle the original desktop (and it was bundled with Raspbian so it should work with the PI).
So I was astonished why I got the message that a VNC server is running at “:0”. There was also no port open at 5900. The other point was why I was not able to install RealVNC.