Where to download ROSbotTutorial?

I am trying to follow the tutorial on Run ROS tutorials using AWS RoboMaker | Husarion, but it says to download “ROSbotTutorial.tar.gz”, but I can’t find this download. Can anyone provide a link to download this please? Thanks.

Hi geasrmotion789,

You can download it here.


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@lukasz.mitka Thanks. I also wanted to ask if you have a quick solution on how to running tutorial_8.launch (Gazebo version)?

Hi geasrmotion789,

I do not have a tested solution, but you should be able to configure it yourself.
Simulation job is divided into two parts defined in launch files, first is for robot specific nodes, second is for environment specific nodes.
Launch files to run are specified in roboMakerSettings.json file.
In line 54 is robot specific launch:

            "launchFile": "tutorial_9_gazebo.launch"

and in line 64 is environment specific launch:

            "launchFile": "search_world.launch"

You will need to split the tutorial_8.launch into robot and environment files and provide them into roboMakerSettings.json file.


@lukasz.mitka I just deiced to modify code in the tutorial_8.launch file as shown below. However, I don’t see any robot in Gazebo when I run the simulation. Why is this so?

<arg name="use_rosbot" default="false"/>
<arg name="use_gazebo" default="true"/>